Have you been lookin' round for another lover 

Teasing the girls when they know they got another 

I can tell by the way that you're walkin' 

You can't disguise in your eyes when you're talkin' 

You pull me down every time that you're with me 

Talkin' me down is that all that you can give me 

I can't see why you wanna be with me 

All you can give me is negative energy 


The other day when you said that you hated my dress 

Who do you think you are telling me I have to undress 

I spent all day baby tryna get ready for you 

I spend my time doing far too many things for you 


You keep doing what you do, it's over boy I'm though 

(I'll get back to you boy) 

Don't call me baby I'll call you 

And you cannot tell me what to do, if I'm not there with you 

(I'm so over you boy) 

Don't call me baby I'll call you 


I'm gonna find a man who treats me like a lady 

I'm gonna find a man who's good in bed baby 

I'm feeling strong for the first time maybe 

I can feel good without you baby 

I've had my time baby playing this part for you 

This time is mine and I'm not gonna waste it all on you 

And I know this is gonna be good for me 

On my own finding my identity 


You lost your chance and I know you won't believe that it's true 

You killed our love boy there's nothing here left for you 

I cannot be the girl that you want me to be, feelin' free 

This time it's all about me 




And I'll get back to you baby, cause I'm so over you baby 

Baby don't call me, baby I'll call you 

I'll get back to you baby 

Baby don't call me I'll call you 



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