Verse 1 

How many thoughts can go swimming around 

Inside my mind inside my head 

Pushin' and pullin' I think I'm goin crazy 

Thinkin I could of, I should of instead 

The other day something come over me 

I think I maybe 2x 

Takin' too much in of this world goin crazy 

You seen me lately is my head in a spin 



Don't you touch me got myself in too much shit 

Don't you play me im not your stupid movie script 



You gotta get your head 

Around that one idea 

Don't talk back your givin' me head 


Verse 2 

I had my thoughts and I let em all out 

Out of my mind, out of my head 

I wrote em down on a white piece of paper 

That's lookin black from the ink in my pen 

Im feeling better no more pain, (I'm goin crazy 2x) 

New agenda that's so crazy 

Ill do it my way not your (way instead 3x) 



Don't you no me 

Thought you mite of had me worked out 

Don't you bore me 

You know what I'm talking about 



Your gotta get your head around that one idea 

Don't talk back because I don't wanna hear it 

You gotta get your head around that one idea 

Don't talk back your giving me head 


Mid 8 

Ohhhhh don't you no it's all in your mind 

Ohhhhhh you can do it this time 

Ohhhhhhh gonna get ya oh 2x 

Ohhhhhhhh might think im crazy 2x baby 




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